The XTRABYTES™ project has experienced a very challenging history through its involvement with Centralized Exchanges. In fact, we really do not have a whole lot of good things to say about this unregulated and often corrupted industry that is responsible for the loss and theft of hundreds of millions of dollars of peoples crypto.

This is not to say that there are not some good, honest and responsible operators out there, because there are. However, these projects generally have rigorous expectations (which is good) but the XTRABYTES™ project will not be at a level where we can satisfy these expectations until we can start to reveal some of our technology, which comes after we start achieving patent pending status for the various sectors of our ground breaking technology.

In the mean time, for those of you who favor the risk and higher volumes (seen in centralized exchanges), over high security and the lower volumes of early adoption (currently seen in decentralized exchanges), we use a 0 to 5 star rating system at our discretion for you to consider. We will formally warn you with regard to each exchange regarding the known; pitfalls, challenges and dangers.

Here are the places you can trade XBY and XFUEL:

Probit - We’re rating the Probit Exchange with 5 Stars. At present, ProBit is rated as a global Top 20 crypto exchange in real daily trading volume. In addition, we have found the exchange to be highly responsive to our team’s security concerns. Finally, ProBit allows US traders on its exchange and exposes Xtrabytes to the Asian market. We believe ProBit to be the most prolific exchange we’ve joined to date.

Crex24 - We have rated this exchange with 3 stars. As the first centralized exchange we have aligned with for several months, we were comfortable with our decision to join Crex24. Although they are not a high volume exchange, they are licensed and we are able to see who is behind the project. Aside from this, there are a few jurisdictions where local regulations have forced them to restrict access. Their interface is user friendly and easy to navigate. We encourage you to give Crex24 a try and like any other centralized exchange, we advise you to not leave your coins on the exchange if you are not trading them. Visit Crex24 to get started.

Yobit - this exchange receives 0 stars from us and a major warning: DO NOT TRADE HERE. After several requests from the XTRABYTES™ team, they refuse to update our wallet and therefore you cannot withdraw your XBY from Yobit. As it is, people are only able to trade the XBY that Yobit has blocked inside their exchange, which is why you see the lower prices. We recommend that you avoid this exchange completely. No link will be provided.

C-Patex - we give this exchange a 0 star rating also. This is another exchange that added us without permission. Thankfully nobody seems to be using this exchange and it should stay that way until they change their approach and company structure. No link will be provided.

To review our list of 5 star exchanges, please visit our Decentralized Exchanges section.


XTRABYTES Ltd. and/or their subsidiaries and/or partners make no guarantee regarding the security of your assets on any of our listed exchanges (centralized and decentralized included). Through participation you hereby agree to trade at your own risk.