Just a reminder to move your XBY and XFUEL coins off our Waves gateway. Since the volume on this gateway has greatly declined, the costs of maintaining it are no longer viable. As such, we’ve set Feb 6th as the last day anyone can deposit or withdraw XBY/XFUEL on the Waves DEX.
If you need assistance, we will have a technical support team in place to help.

Here at XTRABYTES™ we are working towards creating our own Decentralized Exchange platform (DEX), named X-CHANGE. The X-CHANGE project will be introduced sometime after our POSIGN technology goes live on the forthcoming 3 level network of STATIC nodes.

We are committed to doing our best to ensure that people have safe and reliable options to trade XBY and XFUEL. For that reason, we will be creating additional gateways on other DEX platforms that are already available. These DEX options will be added to this page once they have been programmed to our specificiations.

About decentralized exchanges

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is a peer-to-peer (p2p) online service that allows direct cryptocurrency transactions between two interested parties.

The word DEX is the acronym for “Decentralized Exchange”. As the term implies, a DEX resides on a network and is thus much more difficult to attack. Simply put, there is no single point of entry or failure. Moreover, the host of a DEX never gets control of the private keys of your coins. Instead, traders trade with duplicate tokens (much like a centralized exchange).

Users do not need to transfer their assets to the exchange, thus reducing the risk of loss, due to theft, hacking, exit scams or any other catastrophic event which we so often see in CEX's (Centralized EXchanges). Decentralized exchanges may also prevent price manipulation and fake volume reporting due to bots programmed for wash trading.

Our ratings system

As shown on our Centralized Exchanges page, we have a ratings system at our discretion. Considering the fact that all of our recommended DEX trading platforms are decentralized, reducing the potential for external attack, we rate all of these exchanges with 5 stars. With that said, the quality of each experience will vary as each provider has their own vision of how they want their exchange to be.

Please keep in mind that our current ratings system is only taking security aspects into account. In a future update we will expand our ratings system to include; user experience, appearance and speed.


XTRABYTES Ltd. and/or their subsidiaries and/or partners make no guarantee regarding the security of your assets on any of our listed exchanges (centralized and decentralized included). Through participation you hereby agree to trade at your own risk.