XCITE™ can serve as a wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies including XBY and XFUEL. BTC and ETH available in view-only modes.
XCITE™ serves as a Potrfolio and Price Tracker for XBY, XFUEL, BTC & ETH.
XCITE™ serves as an entry point into the XTRABYTES™ ecosystem.

XCITE™ Mobile

Unlike mobile phones, our desktops do not fit inside our pockets. Therefore, a mobile cryptocurrency wallet is the most convenient app to keep, send, and receive cryptocurrencies. It allows us to access and manage our crypto portfolio anywhere and at any time.

Ease of Use

For users on the go, mobile phones are indispensable. As such, our developers have equipped the XCITE™ Mobile with an abundance of useful features.

For instance, our mobile wallet allows you to create multiple accounts...and access previously-registered user accounts as well. It also allows you to track and monitor wallet balances without having to import your private keys. If so desired, you can also elect to receive notifications if your wallet balance changes, We even allow for hassle-free transactions without concern for change-addresses.


We take mobile security seriously as well. For instance, our XCITE™ Mobile allows you to designate a crypto address as either active or passive. A passive address enables you to track your wallet balances but not conduct transactions. An active address allows you to track your balances and conduct transactions

Aside from encrypting your accounts, we also encrypt the private keys of your active addresses (and with a key only you have access to). And as an added precaution, we allow the user to set up a unique passcode so as to restrict access to certain app areas (such as key backups and coin transactions).

XCITE™ Desktop

Our XCITE™ Desktop app features an intuitive interface for storing, tracking, and managing crypto assets. Like our XCITE™ Mobile app, the XCITE™ Desktop app provides users with access to a variety of future dAPPs and core-modules (including X-CHAT and X-VAULT).

*The XCITE™ Desktop is in beta only. For more information or to join our test group, please click here

Although minimalistic in appearance, we've equipped the XCITE™ Desktop with an extensive degree of functionality.

For instance, the XCITE™ Desktop home page displays your wallet’s total balance as well as each coin-wallet balance (XBY, XFUEL, BTC, and ETH) We also created an “Address Book-contact” screen to add or edit personal contact information (or add a wallet for each contact). As with our mobile app, the “Settings” screen allows you to set up a pin code as added security protection (i.e. sending coins or making a backup).

Ease-of-use was foremost in mind when we designed our “Wallet Backup” screen. It displays your public and private key along with the QR code for each one. We also created a “Console” screen (similar to a developer box) that enables you to view your transaction logs, what is happening on the backend, etc. Finally, we created a “Paper Wallet” screen for anyone interested in creating a paper wallet.